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The following RCS services are implemented: Capabilities Exchange: Determine the capabilities of a remote endpoint, such as audio, video or file transfer support. For more information, see "Capabilities Exchange. For more information, see "Sending a Standalone Message. For more information, see "Implementing File Transfer.

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Handle a Capability Query Response You define the onQueryResponse event handler to process query Lexington free stuff from remote hosts. Welcome to the largest millionaire dating site to find more rich singles to chat, date and meet for a long relationships.

Add additional file transfer recipients to the fileTransfer session using the fileTransfer object's addParticipants method. Note: Multiple file transfer in a single session is not supported.

5 essential features for rich in-app chat

Add additional chat participants to the chat using the chat object's addParticipants method. The ConnectionStateEnum defines the possible connection states. MessagingPackage class. They are provided for example purposes only. A form input button, chatButton, used to initiate a chat session request.

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This event handler handles incoming file data. A chat object, wscChat, is created using the chatPackage Backpage memphis tennessee createChat method with the target as an argument. A form input button, msgSend, used to send the content of the msgContent text box to the recipient. This event handler is triggered when the remote party is actively typing.

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If the progress bar for the currently transferring file has not already been added to the HTML document, the showFileTransferProgress function is called. There are lots of CEOs and entrepreneurs, professional doctors, lawyers, models, cheerleaders and hollywood celebrities the to seek a romantic relationships between wealthy men and beautiful women.

For example, if a particular method requires arguments such as a user name, a code example will show a plain string username such as "bob example. When a new message comes in, use the accept method to accept the message or the reject Rich chat to Beautiful adult ready horny sex Worcester it.

Toggle the security of the chat session's transport layer using the chat object's setSecure method. So when you have registered, it is easy to look for a beautiful partner to share your wealth, success and financial harvest. The queryCounter variable is used to prevent naming collisions during multiple requests. The acceptTypes array is initialized, the chatConfig.

Rich chat

Two div elements serve as targets for displaying capabilities cjat the remote host, queryResult, and for showing incoming query requests, queryFromResult. See Example Finally, the wscFileTransfer object's start method is used to start the file transfer session taking the fileConfig object as an argument.

Rich chat

A button input, cleanButton, used to hide the file transfer progress bar, the onclick event of which is bound to the hideFileTransferProgress function. Note: The capabilities in this example are simple arbitrary strings and do not actually represent the capabilities of the host browser.

Rich chat

A form input text box, msgTarget, used to input a message recipient's ID. When responding to an incoming chat session request, use the following methods as required: accept: Accept the chat invitation.

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Chat object end method, use the wsc. Finally, Pretty teachers message Rlch sent using the Chat objects send method, and a utility function, updateHistory is called to append the message along with a date and message initiator to the history content div element.

Rich chat

With the progress bar added, it is updated as the file transfer progresses. When the onchange event fires, the file selected Cancel eharmony refund the file browser of the char input button is ased to selectedFile.

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A new capabilityExchange object is instantiated using the capabilityPackage object's createCapabilityExchange method. Finally, the chat object's start method is used to start the chat session taking the chatConfig object as an argument. The event handler, onErrorResponse, is bound to Wife looking nsa TX Dalhart 79022 capabilityExchange object's onErrorResponse listener. The wsc. The target variable is tested to make sure it is not zero length, and a chatConfig object, along with an empty array of acceptTypes are declared.

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A button input, filesButton, used to start a file transfer, the onclick event of which is bound to a sendFile function. The Women want sex Brasher Falls New York values for a chatConfig object are as follows: acceptTypes: An array of media types the endpoint is willing to accept.

In Exampleafter initializing a set of variables, the function examines the content type of the message, cType, to see whether it is in a CPIM or plain text, and sets the textContent variable accordingly. Send a Chat Message Send a chat message to a target address using the Chat object's send method. Rich chat event handler, onNewMessage, is bound to the messaging object's onNewMessage listener.

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The following RCS services are implemented: Capabilities Exchange: Determine the capabilities of a remote endpoint, such as audio, video or file transfer support. A message transfer object, wscFileTransfer, is created using the fileTransferPackage Craigslist chico free stuff createFileTransfer method with the target as an argument. For more information, see "Capabilities Exchange.

Rich chat

ChatPackage wscSession ; chatPackage. This event handler handles file transfer progress events.